Texting in Class Can Lead to Lower GPA

If you’re one of those students that texts and/or uses social media during class, you may want to reconsider. Research from Lock Haven University has found a correlation between students who used their phones during class and lower GPAs. Phone use during studying also has a negative effect on GPA. This seems to be common sense, but it’s likely that many students believe they can multitask: retain the information from the professor while still being able to communicate through their phones. Unfortunately, our brain is only wired to be able to concentrate on one intellectual task at a time.

Although professors all have their own rules about using phones during class, it’s still up to the student to make the decision to check their phone. That decision is even more in the student’s hands while their studying. We now have more proof that it’s important to turn our phones off during class and/or studying in order to learn and understand the information we’re being taught.


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