As we all know, paying for graduate school can get pretty expensive. Not only does tuition cost a lot, but living expenses and other things can leave you wondering how you’re supposed to pay for it all. Although financial aid can be a great help, sometimes it barely covers it all. Scholarships provide a great opportunity to receive extra income. The problem with scholarships is trying to figure out which ones you’re eligible for and how to find them. The awesome thing about this blog is that I’ve done the research for you! Below is a list of scholarships and who can apply for them. Caution: Although most of the scholarships were found through APA and their website is up to date, some of the scholarship links have old deadlines. If interested, you may have to do a little more digging to find out if the website just wasn’t updated or if the scholarship doesn’t exist anymore.

Scholarship Website

Who Can Apply General website for any scholarship African American women International women Women with disabilities People with disadvantaged backgrounds Disadvantaged women age 25+ African American women LGBT Anyone Anyone Anyone under the age of 25 People who have experienced adversity General Avila scholarships Avila graduate psych scholarships

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